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Now that Windows 10 has been out for a few weeks, I think it's time to give my personal review on it. For the pros and cons, I will list the things that are most important first and end with the things that are least important.

Opening Statement

"Windows 10 is a fantastic improvement, but it is not the perfect operating system as promised."


After a long battle of computer issues, unfriendly user experience, and features that were not given, Windows finally gets its act together and addresses most of them. Windows fixes its performance by a lot, brings back a start menu, brings new applications that actually come pretty handy, and the tiles have been done right this time. The old Control Panel is also moving away to the Settings, which feels more straight forward. The Control Panel is still available, and there are options that it can do that the Settings still cannot do.


Extraordinary Performance
When I was using the previous version of Windows (8.1), my system was not doing very well even though my system status was at its best. Applications such as Photoshop, Krita, Sketchbook Pro, and DrawPlus, would stop responding. And when I powered down my computer, it would usually take about 5 - 10 minutes to finally turn off. Amazingly, these things no longer happen. Before I upgraded, I read that the update will automatically remove any suspicious software or program errors. And that statement was true. My computer is a lot more faster, and the applications don't stop responding unless there is a problem with an additional driver (discussed in the cons).

A Well Thought-out Start Menu
At first glance, the start menu looks quite overwhelming, but it is really just organized in two columns. In the bottom left is the link that brings up ALL the applications. It serves as an alphabetized directory. Any program that is removed from that list is removed from the system. Any copies of that application that is removed from other places will not affect it's root path. However, there are many that cannot be uninstalled at all. (Uninstalling tiles is instant, but uninstalling regular applications will direct you to the Control Panel.) To the right of the start menu is like a favorites section or an additional taskbar. This really becomes helpful. Any application can be pinned and arranged in different rows and columns. They can even be sorted in groups and those groups can be renamed. It is possible to change the size of the applications and the start menu.

New Bonus Applications (Tiles)
Previously, it was not possible to view PDF documents or GIF files without downloading and installing the right software. Now there is no longer any reason to do that. Microsoft Reader has a PDF functionality that is quick and easy to use. While it has a lot less options than other PDF viewers like Acrobat and Foxit, I find that it works much more smoothly. Others take a while to load and uses a large zoom size. Reader is instant, and the zoom size fits nicely. And it still suports vector graphics and keyboard shortcuts for zooming.

With Microsoft Photos, it is now possible to view GIF files in addition to regular pictures files. This saves a lot of time in searching for software that can view both. It is a great help that there is now one by default. Unfortunately, there is no way way to zoom in to the GIF file previews; only the pictures. And if displaying a slideshow as oppose to a regular preview, the GIF files do not animate.

Another great application that Microsoft brings is the new web browser called Edge. It is very easy to configure, and it is organized very nicely. While Internet Explorer is still available, Edge has a more familiar look to the more modern-looking browsers like Firefox and Chrome. My favorite feature is that Favorites, Reading List, History, and Downloads, are all on a sidebar. I use the Favorite section a lot. While a Favorites bar is great for the most accessed sites, I like being able to sort each favorite in a way that is more pleasant for the eyes, and serve as an Internet directory. There is the ability to create folders, and rename them (the usual), but a favorites sidebar is usually slow with some browsers like Opera. Edge did it right.


Lacks more Compatibility
The biggest issue with this is tablet support. By default, Windows 10 is not compatible with Wacom tablet drivers. My computer kept crashing, and I would keep seeing "The Blue Screen of Death." I am currently working on resolving this issue by installing the proper drivers.

In Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows Media Player lost its DVD codec. It was not possible to watch DVDs unless the right software like VLC Player is installed. The beta version of Windows 10 allowed DVD playback, but the final version does not. My guess is that Microsoft wants people to become familiar with the new Microsoft Groove (alternative to Media Player).

There is an issue with the default applications. I downloaded a media player, and there was no option to set it as the default player. So I chose to open a video file with another program other than Media Player, Groove, or Movies and TV, and I wanted to choose the media player I downloaded. After viewing its file location (ProgramsData), and after I tried browsing for that program through that location, it turned out that ProgramsData didn't even exist. I cannot find that location through the browsing programs.

Some applications that are installed extra, like Windows Live Photo Gallery, are not well compatible with Windows 10. When previewing any image, there is a white box that appears in the top left corner. It is very distractive.

In the beta version, there was an option to change the color of the task bar and start menu separately, but now one controls both. There is also no way to change the Window frame from white.

Applications can still use more Advancement
Windows has improved by no doubt, but the applications can still do so much more. In comparison to Mac and Linux, the default programs feature much more. The basic Sound Recorder use to carry various effects. File Explorer use to have the option to group files by the first letter of its name. Window Media Player use to play DVDs. The applications are becoming more simple and easy to use, but the better features are being taken away.

Some Issues need to be Addressed
It is very clear that Windows wants people to become more familiar with the Settings. It is now the only way to change a default browser. If I try to change the default settings through that browser, I get prompted to the settings. There are other ways to advertise new features than to keep users from doing tasks their way.

There are still some bugs that haven't been addressed in Microsoft Paint ever since Windows Vista and when new ones began in 7. For example, keeping the Transparent box checked off will not always keep the selection transparent unless if it is copied and pasted again. (I don't still use Paint, but there are issues that were left untouched since Vista).

Edge can get buggy in some areas. For example, I clicked the Edge icon, and the screen was loading and then closed. I clicked it again, and then it loaded properly. One time, the application just randomly closed on me. The scrolling takes a while to update with the command. And after closing a tab, the page in the other one sometimes needs to refresh.


Windows 10 is an excellent improvement, but it is not the best operating system. I like it much better than Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1. The new performance, applications, and features really make it stand out, and I believe that is why so many people love it, but it is not as great as it should be. With previous features still taken away, features that don't compare with Mac or Linux, and a system that struggles with new drivers, the operating system still does not complete. And an operating system must come with all of that if it is to complete.
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Hey guys, my name is Brian. I am very much into animating and working with computers. Even though I don't animate as much as I use to, I still try to keep myself busy. I am into movie making and scripting as well. One thing that is a pain about being creative, though, is that I hardly ever finish any projects. My mind brains up a new idea. I hope to one day create a new generation of animation.

If you would like to get in touch with me, feel free to comment or email me. I'm a nice guy, and I like it when people say hi.

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SpiderZed Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015
Hey man! Hope you have good one! Question, do you still own CS6?
leduc-gallery Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thank you. Same to you. And yes, I do still own CS6. Why do you ask?
SpiderZed Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015
Because I was just wonder if you are still have that or decide to jumping to CC. I know you said CC is having some bug. So, how does it so far? Do you like CC or CS6 is better?

Plus, I asked, because I am REQUESTING to have new Macbook and Adobe CC for next semester! =<
I need to find some money to buy both of them! Lawl
leduc-gallery Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Warning. I hope I am not overwhelming you with much information.

Based off of my earlier feedback, I mentioned that CS6 and newer got buggier, not just CC. I have CS6 installed at home, but back when I was in school and I used CC, it mostly felt the same aside from a few things. I hate the new pen tool. Clicking the last point after making a curve is suppose to straighten out the next line, but it doesn't. I tried using the Photoshop method and held Alt/Option, but it still doesn't do anything. There is also a new way to adjust shapes before editing them. They come with a slider that adjusts the edges to look more curved.

You concerned about bugs? I have a bad version of Illustrator, so I face quite a lot of problems, but the common bugs on others are swatches disappearing, the brush tool not working, and groups inside groups not locking or changing opacity. As for the first two I mentioned, this happens when I open a non-Illustrator file in Illustrator. Another bug that has been around forever is that layers inside layers will expand when the file is re-opened. I think I read this issue was finally addressed in one of the CC versions.

To answer your question, no, I won't be upgrading. I like CS6 better than CC. I don't have the money, plus CC has a monthly payment subscription, and all work is monitored by Adobe through their cloud services. My friend has CC, and she really likes it. It's just not what I'd prefer.

I'm sorry that I keep going on, but I want to be sure I'm helpful. What version of Adobe do you have again? There is a way to deactivate an Adobe program, and install the same activation on another computer. I'm just not sure if it would be compatible with the newest macbook.
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SpiderZed Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015
Happy Birthday bud
leduc-gallery Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Why thank you
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Happy Birthday
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Why thank you
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Your Welcome
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